What is a Pill Cutter?

A pill cutter is a basic and easy-to-operate tool that is used to split single medication pills into two equal halves. They are used when the prescribed dosage requires the person to cut a pill in half so that the dosage is half of the full pill. These pill cutters can be used to cut nearly any type of pill, including scored pills and pills that have no scoring. A scored pill is one that has an indented line across the top of it to make it easier to either snap the pill in two using your fingers or cut it along the scoring with a pill cutter.

This convenient tool for splitting pills in two is small, lightweight, and easily portable. They also tend to be very inexpensive as it’s a very simple design with the hinge as the only moving part. Some people will choose to buy more than one pill cutter in order to have one at home and one at work as needed. Using a pill cutter is as simple as placing the pill in the lower section and then pushing down on the top one so the blade cuts right through the middle of the pill.

A pill cutter is only designed to cut pills into two, and should not be used to attempt to cut any other item. If the cutter is to be used for splitting different types of medications then it is advisable to rinse the cutter with water and dry it before cutting a different type of pill. Many people will choose to pair their pill cutter with a pill organizer box that makes it easier to organize and divide their medication for each day.

They are a good choice and smart tool for cutting pills in two. You can find both these products here at pillcutter.com and purchase them for the best prices.

Lastly, using a pill cutter is always a smarter choice than cutting pills with a knife or other sharp implement on a cutting board or other surface. Using a pill cutter keeps you safe from the risk of a laceration (cut) to your hands or fingers.