Special Orders

If you are interested in placing a bulk order or an order with special requests, then the order will be classified as a "Special Order". 

Special orders will be subjected to additional screening, modified shipping rates, and will be contacted by a Pill Cutter sales representative. 

Additional Screening:
Additional screening allows for extra protection against stolen credit cards and fraud.

If an order was flagged as “high risk” we would like to confirm the order before shipping it out. 

Indicators of a High-Risk order:

  • The shipping and billing information does not match
  • A high-risk internet connection (web proxy) was used to place the order

Orders that are flagged will be required to provide the following information:

  1. Copy or picture of the ID from the card holder that placed the order
  2. Copy or picture of the Billing person's Utility Bill
Orders will be put on hold until the customer provides the following information.
The customer will have 1 week after the initial order to respond, after which the order will be refunded.
    Modified Shipping Rates:
    Orders of a certain size and quantity will be subjected to additional shipping rates and will not fall under the standard shipping. Shipping rates will vary depending on the location, quantity, and size of the products.

    Sales Representative:
    A sales representative will email the customer to confirm information and to help facilitate orders. Specialized invoices may be prepared and sent to customers.