Is It Bad to Cut Pills in Half?

Nearly everyone has been instructed to take medication by their physician at some point, whether it’s to combat an infection, promote better healing, or to bolster the immune system. Those are just three reasons you might be at the pharmacy having your prescription filled. If you take medication infrequently and on an as-needed basis then you probably won’t give it too much thought. However, if you’re on a long-term course of medication and the medication is essential to your health then you may be asking is it bad to cut pills in half?

The long and short of this is that no, there is nothing wrong with cutting pills in half. Cutting a pill in two will do nothing to affect the quality or constituency of the medication, and all it will do is divide the dosage in half. That’s the only reason that a person would be cutting a pill in half – to create a half-dosage of the medication when their physician indicates that’s what they should be taking. We will say that there is no other reason you should be cutting pills in half. If your prescription indicates that you need to take half the dosage contained in one pill then you can go ahead and cut your pills in two as suggested.

But is it bad to cut pills in half? There’s nothing bad about splitting pills into two halves, but it’s not something you should do unless you need to take half dosages.

Follow Prescription Directions Exactly as Written

The primary concern are those people who might think that cutting pills in half will make their medication last longer and make it more affordable as a result. Is it bad to cut pills in half? No, it’s not, but you can be sure that it’s highly inadvisable and risky to be cutting your medication in two if your prescription indicates that a full pill is your correct dosage. The risk here should be obvious; taking a reduced dosage means your chance of recovery or positive outcomes from your course of medication is reduced significantly.

If you do need to cut pills in two to be taking the correct dosage as indicated in your prescription then the best way to do that is by using a pill cutter. These handy tools make it simple to split pills in two and then take them as the correct dosage for your prescription.