How to Split Pills Evenly?

If you receive a prescription that indicates you are to take half the dosage contained in one full pill, then you are going to need to split those pills. Some pills that are regularly indicated with half-dosages will be ‘scored’ –meaning they have a line across the top of them that makes them easier to split evenly in two. People with good strength and dexterity in their fingers will usually have no problem snapping scored pills in two, but those who are weaker and less dextrous with their fingers may struggle. This is even more difficult for pills that are not scored, so knowing how to split pills evenly becomes important.

Many people who need to split pills will do so by cutting them with a knife and cutting board. While this does work, it’s inadvisable for a pair of reasons.First, using a knife to cut a very small object isn’t a safe choice and you certainly don’t want to take the chance of cutting your fingers or hands. Next, what often happens when a pill is cut with a knife is some of the pill will crumble and it won’t split evenly. You then need to collect this crumbled portion in order to still make sure your taking the right amount of the medication.

Here’s your answer as to the best way for how to split pills evenly –use a pill cutter to cut your medication in two. These small and basic tools make it easy to cut your pill cleanly into two exact halves with no breaking unevenly and very little crumbling, if any.

Consistent, Reliable Splitting of Pills

Using a pill cutter is simple and even older people with weakness in their hands can use one. All that’s required is to place one pill inside the cutter and then press down gradually and forcefully on the lid of the pill cutter. A small wedge-like cutter on the bottom of the lip will then split the pill, and once you open it again you’ll have two evenly split pieces of your pill. This of course means you’ll be taking the half dose of your medication exactly as directed.

If you’ve been splitting pills with a knife or other object without any difficulty then you can continue to do that, but not only is a pill cutter safer but it also will split pills more cleanly and evenly. How to split pills evenly? Using one of these tools is definitely your best choice.