How to Split a Pill

Needing to take the correct dosage of their medication will require some people to split pills in two. When it comes to how to split a pill, the first point you should understand is that cutting pills with a knife on a cutting board is not advisable. Even somebody with the steadiest of hands may be at risk of injuring themselves with a cut. Plus, with the fact that pill cutters are both available and almost always priced very inexpensively there’s really no need to try to cut pills with a knife. Using a pill cutter is a much better choice, and should by your first consideration when it comes to how to split a pill.

Not only are pill cutters especially convenient, but they’re also really easy to use. Here’s then entirety of what you do for how to split a pill:

• Take your pill cutter and open the top section (lid) of the cutter•Beneath the lid you will see the pill cutter’s cutter blade

• Looking now to the lower section (base) of the cutter, you will see where the cutter blade will come down when the lid is pressed

• This spot is where the pill placer is located, and usually it is between two angled retainer bars that come together to form a ‘V’. At the base of this V is where you will place the pill, and again you’ll see it’s directly below the cutter blade attached to the underside of the pill cutter lid

• Set the pill cutter on a flat and solid surface (like a counter top or table) and the place your pill in the pill placer spot

• Next, hold the pill cutter in place with your weaker hand while using your dominant hand to press down on lid until you feel the cutter blade come into contact with the pill

IMPORTANT– you should not be attempting to split the pill in one full motion. Instead, you push down with minimal force until you feel the cutter blade make contact with the pill.

• THEN you apply the amount of force required to split the pill in two•Now open the lid of the pill cutter again

• Inside you will see the two pieces of split pill sitting in the pill placer spot

• Remove them, and take the half pill as your proper dosage or separate the two halves into your pill organizer box as needed.

Knowing how to split a pill properly will ensure you get two cleanly-cut halves of your pill and that you don’t expose yourself to any risk of cuts to your hands or fingers. Some pills are ‘scored’ with a line across the top of the pill to make them easier to cut or snap in two with your fingers, but this can be difficult for anyone who doesn’t have much strength or dexterity in their fingers.