How to Organize Medicine and Vitamins

For some people who take medicine often it can be difficult to stay organized with your pills. Folks with eyesight problems or unsteadiness in their hands may find it’s best to divide up a week’s worth of pills and supplements in advance. For those who’d like to know how to organize medicine and vitamins, one of the better choices is to use pill organizer box. They’re very practical with the way you can place your medication for each separate day into the individual compartments, and our pill organizer boxes here at are perfect for doing that.

These convenient medication organizers are especially good for people with poor eyesight or unsteadiness in their hands, and some people have a family member or friend assist with filling their pill organizer box in these situations. Refer to your prescription indications and understand what your daily dosages are to be. Then place the right number of pills for those days into the 7 different day boxes on the organizer –Monday to Sunday. Our 2x a day pill box organizer is best for those of you who need to take different medications twice a day.

Smart Medicine Organization

Other popular ways to use a medication organization box are to keep an additional one in your office or vehicle for times you may need to divide up medication away from home, and travelling with them is very common too as they’re small, lightweight, and portable. Another advantage to our twice a day pill box organizer is that if you’re only taking your meds once a day then you can use your box for a full 14 days of medicine organization.

Aside from knowing how to organize medicine and vitamins, it’s also helpful to establish a routine with organizing your pills. Even doing it at the same time every Sunday in the evening before the start of the new week is a good choice. Plus, it’s smart to keep your pill box in the same spot between days so you always know where it is when it’s time to take your medication. The exception to this will be any time you need to take it with you when you’ll be away overnight.

If you’ve missed taking your meds or taken the dose improperly as a result of not having your pill neatly organized, we suggest you using one of our day pill organizers. They really do make it easy to ensure you’ve got it right with the correct pills in the correct amounts.