How can I cut pills in half?

Using a pill cutter to cut pills in half is simple. When a pill is ‘scored’ it means that there is a line across the top of the pill that makes it easier for the person to either cut or snap it in two. These types of pills can be split in two most easily with a pill cutter, but you can also use it to cut through pills that are not scored.

The Operation of your pill cutter is very basic. Here’s how to use a pill cutter:

  • Open the lid of the pill cutter so that the top section (with the metal cutter blade attached and facing down) is upwards while the bottom section (with pill placer) is resting on a solid flat surface
  • Place your pill in the pill placer, which is the narrowest point between the two retainer walls as it forms a ‘V’. Make sure that the pill is properly in place, aligning it so that you can see that the cutter blade will come down directly across the middle (widest part) of the pill
  • If you are cutting a scored pill, you should make sure the cutter blade will be coming down in line with the score across the pill. This is where the pill will break into two most easily, with only very little force required
  • Now, hold the pill cutter firmly in place with your weaker hand while using your dominant hand to press down on the top section so that the cutter blade comes down and makes contact with the pill.

IMPORTANT – you should not be attempting to cut through the pill in one full motion. Instead, push down with minimal force until you feel the cutter blade make contact with the pill.

  • THEN you apply the amount of force required to cut through the pill and split it in two
  • Next, let the top section spring back to the up position
  • Reach into the pill cutter and remove the two pieces of pill that will be in the pill placer

Using a pill cutter is that simple!

After using your pill cutter, you should also ensure that you collect any fragmented or powdered pieces of the pill from the cutter. Ideally you will take these pieces or powder with your pill pieces, as they do make up a small part of your total dosage.

Next, keep in mind that it is a good idea to rinse your pill cutter clean under the tap every once in a while.