Best Pill Cutter for Round Pills

Most pills are round in shape, and you may very well find that the ones included with your prescription are also round. There are some pills –like Viagra for example –that have more angular and unique shapes, but they’re the exception. Most pills are round, and some people will have a need to split them in two to get the proper dosage as indicated in their prescription. In that instance the individual may be wondering about what is the best pill cutter for round pills. Using a pill cutter is always the smartest choice when you need to split pills in two, cutting them cleanly and keeping your fingers safe.

Most pill cutters can be used to cut any type of pill, but the way most are designed makes cutting round pills most ideal. This is because on the inside of these tools is a pair of retainer bars that angle inwards to form a ‘V’, and where they come together at the end is where a rounded pill will fit tightly and be in the exact spot it needs to be when the cutter blade comes down. How does that happen? Again, how to use a pill cutter couldn’t be any simpler; to cut the pill in two all you need to do is press down on the lid of pill cutter and the blade will cut through your pill reliably every time.

Your primary consideration with a tool like this should be build quality. Even the best pill cutters will not be expensive at all, so avoiding the very cheapest models and buying one that costs a little more but is built better and has a better quality hinge (the only moving part) will likely give you a tool that you can use for many years.

Your Choice

There’s no one answer when it comes to the best pill cutter for round pills. There’s going to be many that work equally well, including our good quality pill cutters here at If you were cutting pills that are not round then you might need to look into this more thoroughly, but as most pills are round pretty much any one will be a pill cutter that cuts round pills well. Here’s another suggestion –if you find a pill cutter that works well then it might be an idea to order more than one so that you can have one at home and one in your travel kit. Some people also keep one in their vehicle or at the office for times they might be forgetful and need to split pills while away from home. No matter how many pill cutters you have and where you choose to keep them, there’s no denying these are very useful tools for people who take medication regularly.