Swiss Precision Cut was founded in 1999 with the specific objective of providing a pill cutter that would easily and accurately cut (or split) expensive and hard-to-cut tablets in half, or in some cases in quarters, in order to drastically reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

The original Swiss Pill Cutter for Viagra was designed and manufactured in a small town near Zurich, Switzerland; hence, the name “Swiss Pill Cutter.”

In 2006, manufacturing was moved to Nevada City, CA. In addition, the Viagra Cutter was redesigned to include a pill bed for both the 100mg and 50mg tablet.

Immediately following that improvement, the Lipitor Pill Cutter was designed and manufactured. It includes pill beds for the 80mg, 40mg and 20mg Lipitor tablets, and can save users up to $1,000 per year.

In 2010 we introduced the new Small Pill Cutter for pills and tablets that are too small for the Lipitor or Viagra Cutters and are presently working closely with customers to determine which pills and tablets can be easily and accurately split with the smaller pill beds.

We welcome any ideas or requests for pill cutters to cut other expensive and/or difficult tablets.

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