Tips for Using a Medicine Storage Box

Some people are fortunate enough to only have one or two pills that they need to take regularly. For others, however, their healthcare needs require them to be taking a number of different medications in different quantities and often at very specific intervals. It’s these people who will benefit most from having a medicine storage box or a medicine pill box organizer that has separate compartments for each set of pills so that you can quickly reference them and take them as directed by your physician.

It’s true that up until recently there wasn’t much thought given to medicine storage at all. Most folks would have their different vials of pills all lined in the correct order, left to right, in their medicine cabinet. It would then be on them to remember how much of their meds they were to take that day. The problem with that, of course, is that for some people –and especially those of advanced age –their mental faculties aren’t quite what they used to be.

Taking too much –or too little –of a medication can have very serious health consequences. So it really does make sense to have your medications divided into the exact amount you need to take each day, and have each day’s supply kept separate and on their own. A smartly designed medicine storage box lets you do just that!

Smart Ways to Take Medication

It’s true that keeping your medication smartly organized is a good idea. A recent study by the American Geriatric Society found each year in the US approximately 30% of seniors have a negative reaction to their prescription medications. There are of course many different causes for these negative reactions, but the most common cause is that the person misses their dose or accidentally increases or decreases it.

It’s true that some medications are more likely to cause adverse reactions than others if the dosage is taken incorrectly, but it’s something that a medicine storage box help you to avoid.

What makes a medicine storage box both effective and simple to use is that it will have a separate compartment for each day of the week, and each compartment will have the day of the week printed very clearly on its lid. The row of day-labelled compartments is laid out logically –from left to right, starting with Monday and ending with Sunday. Often your medicine storage box will come with a chart that’s to be referenced again at the start of every new week to ensure you continue to fill each compartment correctly.

Helpful Routines

Many seniors will need to take their medications at specific times of the day, as indicated in their prescription. A medicine storage box is also beneficial in this regard, and one of the best ways to use it is to keep it in exact the same location at all times. If you can plan other activities around the time you need to take your medication and place your medicine storage box in a location that these activities will have you in.

For example, if your prescription states that you need to take your medicine first thing in the morning, you can try keeping your medicine storage box on your bathroom sink counter next to your toothbrush caddy. If your prescription indicates that your medication is to be taken with food, have it on your kitchen table.

And of course, in the digital age we live in today it’s true that if you have a smartphone you can set a reminder alarm to reliably notify you when it’s time to take your medication each day. However, if you’re going to do this you need to keep in mind that unless your phone is in your pocket at ALL times you’ll need to make sure it’s set to ring so that you always hear the alarm.

Perfect for Travel

The last benefit of a medicine storage box that we’ll touch on is that their small, slim, and length-wise design makes them ideal for tucking into your toiletries bag and taking up very little space while you’re travelling. A popular choice for many people in this scenario is to wrap your medicine storage box in a plastic bag with a sealer clamp on the end. The reason for doing this is that sometimes your baggage can be exposed to excessive moisture while in transit and this moisture may compromise the integrity of your pills.Yes, it is true that you would likely be able to replace your prescription in pretty much any location of the world, but really who wants to deal with that hassle? If your medicine storage box is in your carry-on luggage (which is advisable given how often luggage is misplaced by airlines) then you won’t need to concern yourself with this possibility