Smart New Tech Advances for Your Pill Reminder Box

We’re definitely living in an age where technological advances are arriving all the time and reaching into nearly every aspect of our lives. Much of this is the result of the digital revolution that’s occurred over the last 20-plus years, and it’s the reason we’re seeing some many ‘smart’ tools that cover pretty much every application you can imagine. The way people take their prescription medication is no exception, and the pill reminder box some of you will have on your bathroom counter will likely be very different from the one your parents had.

That standard pill reminder box – with 7 different compartments starting with the one labelled ‘Monday’ on the left and all the way to ‘Sunday’ on the far right - is still one of the best medicine organization ideas ever thought up. However, these days many people are taking advantage of these same technological advances and upgrading their pill reminder box to one that’s even more helpful for them when it comes to taking their medication exactly as prescribed.

Some might think that it’d be a challenge to talk about pill reminder boxes at great length, but that’s exactly what we’re going to do here. If you need to take a course of medication on an ongoing basis then this may well be something of interest of you, so read on.

Guaranteed Reminders

One of the unavoidable realities for us humans is that our memory and attentiveness wanes as we get older. There are steps you can take to minimize that decline, but generally speaking it’s something you have to come to accept. You may have all of your pills neatly organized in your pill box and separated into the right quantities and for the right days, but it may still skip your mind to take them –sometimes even when they’re right next to you or very nearby!

This is what makes these new technology pill reminder boxes so great. Most of them will feature some type of audible medicine reminder alarm that will sound at exactly the right time when you need to take your medication. However, keep in mind that you must still have your pill reminder box within ‘earshot’, as the expression goes. If you can’t hear the alarm, then you won’t be able to receive the reminder.

Some of the new designs will feature adjustable alarm ring volumes, but as a general rule of thumb, you’ll still need to ensure your box is relatively close enough so that you can hear it.

Some people will be taking medication that could be dangerous to the health of others if they were to get their hands on it. Fortunately, many of the new models of these convenient tools is a pill box with alarm and lock. Usually the lock will be unlocked by means of a push-button entry code, and while this security feature is an excellent way to ensure that you –and only you –have access to the medication. Although it needs to be said that if you’re also prone to forgetting passwords and codes then it’s a good idea to have a backup note kept somewhere private in the home.

Expanded Pill Storage Models

Some people prefer to prepare to be organized as far ahead as possible, with the belief that it’s best to do as much work as possible on the front side of whatever it may be. For people who purchase medications in larger amounts to save money, they may wish to divide as many of the pills into their pill reminder box as possible. This way they don’t have to deal with it as frequently as they would with their standard 7-day pill reminder box.

Many of these new smart models will not only feature a reminder alarm and / or safety lock, but are also larger and able to accommodate pill division for a greater number of days. One very popular new model has a full 29 different compartments for nearly a month’s worth of medication organization.

Battery Backups a Big Bonus

New advances with technology related to medicine organization ideas are indeed coming fast and furious these days. If your memory isn’t as reliable as you like, then you may be all too willing to rely on your pill reminder box to let you know when you need to take your meds. Some of the best new electronic pill boxes actually have their own built-in rechargeable battery, but as you’d imagine they tend to be the most expensive ones.

Some less pricey models plug into the wall like any other standard appliance would, and because of this they serve to also keep your medication in the same place at all times. That’s a plus, but the problem can be if a power outage occurs. If that happens, you won’t be alerted when it’s time to take your meds. However, some of the better new wired digital pill reminder box models actually feature an internal rechargeable backup battery that will take over if a power outage should occur in your home.

Continue to take your medication exactly as directed by your physician, and enjoy the best health possible as a result of doing so.