Smart Choice: A Medicine Reminder Alarm or App

It can be difficult for most people to stay on top of medication management, especially when they’re extremely busy or preoccupied with other things. Often there’s just not enough mental muscle upstairs to remember absolutely everything. This of course is perfectly natural, and we all tend to be more forgetful as we get older. While it’s okay to forget some things, it’s certainly not okay to forget to take your medication if it’s essential to maintaining your good health. If you’re prone to forgetting to take yours, a medicine reminder alarm is a good idea.

This is especially true for people who are taking medication that is essential for their recovery following life-saving surgery or something similar. Missing a dose or more in these scenarios can have very serious consequences. And even for folks who are taking medications for treating lesser afflictions it’s true that missing even a single dose can seriously limit the effectiveness of the medication. There are those who may be suffering from mental health conditions such as depression or other conditions where it’s more likely that they’ll accidentally skip a few doses every week.


Wrist watches are increasingly uncommon with the current popularity of smartphones as people’s preferred method of checking the time. But digital watches weren’t the first to arrive on the scene, as before roughly the early ‘80s the majority of watches were analog watches. Analog ones weren’t capable of sounding an alarm like digital watches could, and so it was with the introduction of digital watches that people started to set alarms to wake up on time –and to remind them to take their meds, among a whole host of other reminder purposes.

If you still prefer your old digital wristwatch’s alarm to remind you take your meds, there is a new option of the medication reminder watch which allows you to add medicine reminder alarms. These devices are watches like any other, and as such they’re meant to be worn on your wrist the exact same way.

How these medicine reminder watches differ from regular digital watches is that they feature several programmable alarm functions, in comparison to the one alarm that is standard with most digital watches. For example, if you are on an extensive course of medication that requires you take many different pills at all sorts of different times of the day then you’ll like how these watches allow you to set nearly any number of medication reminder alarms.

Some of them will even have a feature that spells out the names of the medications you need to be taking at that time.

Reminder Apps for Smartphones

One should not immediately assume that most people who are at risk of forgetting to take their medication are the same ones who’ll be avoiding new technologies like smartphones and the like.There are people of all ages that have trouble making smartphones work for them, and so we won’t draw any one group of people into that exclusively.

For those that are adept with smartphones, there’s a whole host of medicine reminder apps that you can download onto yours. Plus, a good many of them are either free or cost very little to purchase from the App Store or Google Play. The advantage to these apps is that they are vastly more functional than basic reminder alarms, as many of them will be designed to sync with an Internet connection and provide you with a whole host of additional valuable information.

This can include possible negative interactions with the medications you’re taking, additional natural supplements that may add to the effectiveness of your medication, along with a good many other additional info benefits. Further, these apps are for the most part very intuitive and easy to use –even for people who aren’t particularly smartphone ‘savvy’.

Unplugged Options

Some people will think it’s odd that we’re offering the following suggestions as well, but for some people, it’s vastly preferable to keep things as simple and basic as possible. Wearing a medicine reminder watch or using an app is going to be way too strange for them. So what do these people do to ensure that they also don’t forget to take their meds on time?

Many people have routines in their daily life, and that’s quite often the case with older people who are retired from the workforce. So let’s say if you need to take your meds 3 times a day –once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening –you can use certain every-day occurrences as reminders that you need to take your medication.

It doesn’t need to be complicated; breakfast can be one reminder and dinner another. In between, maybe you watch a favourite afternoon talk show or soap opera every day? There you go.

Think of it as an all-natural medicine reminder alarm!