New Reliable Means of Organizing and Scheduling Your Medication

Every human being on the planet has benefited from pharmacology, whether directly or indirectly. It’s probably safe to say there are very few if any individuals who’ve never treated themselves with antibiotics. Then add to that we also benefit from the work of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who work to ensure that all of the medications dispensed to us are safe and pure. Some people will need to take certain meds temporarily, but for others their course of medication is an ongoing arrangement. For these folks a medication pill box organizer is definitely a must-have item.

Mention a medication pill box and most people will think of the standard narrow rectangular 7 day pill box with M / T / W / TH / F / Sat / Sun on the top of each of the 7 boxes going left to right. Those ones have been around forever, and don’t get us wrong –they’re perfectly functional and a good example of working simplicity in design. However, some people don’t have the memory or attentiveness that they used to.

It’s one thing to have your pills divided into the compartments for quick reference and ease of taking them, but if you don’t have your medication pill box in your line of sight it’s still possible to forget about them and miss a dose. Now for most medications missing a dose here and there isn’t a big problem, but if you’re missing them even semi-regularly then you may be putting your health (or recovery) in danger. And then, yes, some meds cannot be missed even once.

Open, Take, and Repeat – As Much / Little as Necessary

A medication pill box is an even smarter choice for folks who are a long-term course of treatment with pharmaceuticals where they need to take a number of pills every day, and at different specific times of the day. In response to this, the standard slim and narrow 7 day pill box that has been the norm for a long time now has been joined by a 4 times a day pill box that will be the same length but much wider, with 4 boxes for Monday, 4 boxes for Tuesday, and so on.

The appeal of a 4 times a day pill box for these people should be fairly obvious; it means not having to have 4 separate 7 day pill boxes stacked one on top of another in order for them to have their 4-times a day medication requirement neatly organized in front of them.

Some people have osteoarthritis or another type of debilitating condition that makes it so they lack dexterity in their hands or fingers. The good news is that nearly every medication pill box is designed to
have individual compartment lids that will snap open easily,without much force needing to be applied to them.

Need Reminders? Done

However, what’s more promising these days is that digital technology advances have made their way over to the medication pill box now too. Many of the new models will feature an alarm that can be programmed to sound when it’s time for you to take medication, as many times a day as that may be. Some of them will have a USB rechargeable battery for the power supply and that’s a good idea in case a power outage occurs in your home.

This same type of smart design convenience also now extends to people who need to keep their medication out of the hands of others in the home –children most notably. Some new day to day medicine organizers now come with a lock that must be unlocked before the person can open the boxes and access the medication inside them. Usually it’s a combination lock, with a 3 or 4-number chain that needs to be in place before the lock opens. Fairly simple, but something that was never made available to consumers until now.

Reminders, Scheduling, and All the Rest –Right on Your Wrist!

We’re going to stop talking about your medicine pill box here for a while, and instead talk about something that really does highlight the way new technology is making our day-to-day life requirements that much easier. If taking medication is part of your day to day, then you’ll be surprised to learn that one of the increasingly popular ways for people to stay organized with their meds is to use a medication reminder watch.

Yes, they do exist, and they’re much simpler in their nature than you might think. They’re not that much different than your standard smartwatches that are so popular these days. However, in addition to providing the time their primary purpose is to give you the reminders you need regarding when to take your medication. And as it’s on your wrist, it’s obviously unlikely that you’re not going to hear and see your reminders about taking medication.

We should mention as well that those of you who have a smartphone also have a number for either free or reasonably priced medication reminder apps that can also give you reminders about when it’s time to open your medication pill box.