How to Use a Pharmacy Pill Splitter

Some people are fine splitting their pills in two between thumbs and forefingers, or cutting them in two with a knife or similarly sharp implement. For other folks, however, snapping pills or cutting them is either going to be impossible or come with the risk of injury. For these people a pill splitter or pill cutter is going to be exactly what they need. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and they cut your medication pills in half very evenly every time. We’re going explain how to use a pharmacy pill splitter here, and the good news is that even the frailest of people with little strength in their hands can use it effectively.

In order to learn how to use a pharmacy pill splitter, you first have to have a pill splitter for you to use. Many pharmacies will actually offer them to their customers free of charge, but even the best pill cutters can be purchased for less than $20 if you do need to purchase one. We have a nice selection of quality made and affordable pill splitters here and we’re happy to make them available for people who need them.

Using Your Pill Splitter

We’re pleased to be able to tell you that learning how to use a pharmacy pill splitter doesn’t involve much at all. When you open the lid on your pill splitter you will see a thing metal cutter blade on the underside of the lid. As you can probably figure out, this blade is what cuts through the pill. Now looking down at the base of the cutter you’ll see the spot where the blade will come down when the lid is pressed downwards.

Here you will see the ‘holder’ where the pill is to be placed. Many pill splitters will have a pair of diagonal retainer walls on either side to hold the pill in place so that it is split evenly in two.

Now you’re ready to split your pill. The first thing you need to do is place your pill splitter on a flat and solid surface, like a kitchen or bathroom countertop or a desk or dining table. It is possible to split pills while holding the pill splitter in your weaker hand while operating it with your dominant hand, but it’s not recommended. It is best to use it on a flat surface.

So once you have it safely placed, the rest of the procedure with how to use a pharmacy pill splitter is easy. Place the pill in the holder and have it right up in the top of the space, pressed up as far as possible between the two diagonal holder arms. Then pull the lid down until you feel the pill splitter blade come into the contact with the pill. Do NOT bring the lid down in one swift motion and attempt to cut through the pill in one quick movement.

Your pill splitter is not designed to work this way, and using it like that increases the chance that some portion of the pill will be crumbled due to the uneven force being applied to it. So again, the most important part of using a pill splitter is to have it on a flat surface and first press down on the lid so that you feel the blade come into contact with the pill. Then you press down on the lid with more force until you feel (and hear) that you’ve cut your pill in two.

That’s it. Like we said, learning how to use a pharmacy pill splitter isn’t difficult at all!

Cutting Pills Into ¼ Sizes

Next up for our discussion of how to use a pharmacy pill splitter is an explanation of how to cut pills into quarters. It is fairly straightforward, although it may be a little more challenging than cutting your medication in two. However, for most people it won’t be especially difficult.

Once you’ve cut your pill in two, you then take one of the cut portions and place it in the holder, making sure of course that the rounded part of the pill is resting in the top of the holder facing away from you, and the straight cut edge of it is facing down and towards you. Now follow the same approach as cutting your pill in two. Press down on the lid until you feel the cutter blade come into contact with your half pill, and then press down with more force until the half pill is split into two quarter pills.

Now you know how to use a pharmacy pill splitter, and that’s a good thing as it’s much more convenient –and safer –than cutting your pills with a knife or anything similar.