Cut your pills in half or quarters with ease and SAVE MONEY!

The Rolex of pill cutters.  Machined from tool-quality steel alloy.  Blade never needs sharpening.  Safe and easy to use.  100% money back guarantee.

Choose the Pill Cutter that fits your need:

Large Swiss Pill Cutter


Designed to split pills and tablets larger than ¼ inch (6 mm) in diameter or width, such as Lipitor, Benicar, Crestor, in half or quarters.


Small Swiss Pill Cutter


Designed to split pills & tablets ¼ inch (6 mm) or smaller in diameter or width, such as Proscar, Lunesta, Abilify, in half or quarters.


Viagra Swiss Pill Cutter


Designed to split 100 mg and 50 mg Viagra tablets in half or quarters. Also works great for Cialis and Levitra.


Want to see how it works? Watch this video.

Other pill cutting methods simply don’t work well.  Find out why.

What Is special about our design?

It’s cutting-edge. Literally.



Have your Pill tested before you buy!

We continue to add pictures of pills and tablets that people send us for testing. Suffice to say that I have yet to test a pill or tablet that cannot be easily and consistently split in half and usually into quarters with one of the Swiss Pill Cutters.