Small Pillcutter Splits Paroxetine In Half

ed***** writes:

Doctor has recommended that the dose of the following drugs be reduced by 50%. However no lower dose pills are available. These are small pills and are difficult to cut in most pill cutters which are designed for round tablets.
10mg Zetia (Imprint 414)
10mg Paroxetine HCL (Imprint C55)
You do not mention these drugs on your website but it appears that your small pill cutter would be suitable. Do you agree?

I can mail you 3 pills if you wish.

Thanks, Ed *****


Thank you for sending the pills. The Small Pill Cutter split both of them in half very well. Pictures of the 10mg Paroxetine HCL follow.

Pictures of the 10 mg Zetia split in half with the Small Pill Cutter can be seen on the “Zetia 10 mg” webpage.


Place the tablet in the middle pill bed of the Small Pill Cutter.

The pill will tilt to the left or the right as it rests on the bottom blade. Pills should not fit tightly.

Center the pill with your thumb and forefinger and then lower the cutting arm to rest on pill.

Check the position of the pill and make corrections if necessary. The weight of the cutting arm should hold the pill in place.

Push on the cutting arm with your thumb gently but firmly until you hear a “crack” or feel the pill split.

Pushing on the cutting arm too aggressively has a tendency to crumble soft pills.

The Paroxetine is split in half.

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